Commercial Pest Control


Welcome to United Pest Control, a family owned and operated commercial pest control service serving the Sacramento and surrounding areas. We are proud to be one of the area’s only husband and wife run pest-control service, because we believe that working directly with you, our client, fosters a sense of trust and commitment to the job that few other commercial pest control services can offer. Our company is a licensed, bonded, and insured pest control service and as partners in the business, Andy and Diana have over 10 years of professional experience providing our valued customers with safe, efficient, and effective pest control services.


What makes United Pest Control different:

As a team of two professionals who are also partners in marriage, Andy and Diana take a unique approach to providing clients with residential and commercial pest control services. And since we dedicate ourselves personally to each and every client, here are the following services and features of our pest control company which make United Pest Control a little bit different than other California pest extermination companies:


  • We meet with you personally before every treatment appointment to inspect your property and create a personalized plan for the specific pest problems you’re dealing with.

  • As a two-member team, you will always communicate directly with either Andy or Diana which means you will never have to worry about an important message, such as a rescheduled appointment or information about the recent treatment, will get lost in the translation that often comes with large pest extermination companies.

  • Our environmentally safe, pet-friendly, and non-toxic treatment applications mean that you won’t have to worry about the safety of your customers, pets, and all other visitors after we apply a treatment, no matter what type of pests we’re treating for.

  • We guarantee your 100% personal satisfaction; should a pest problem still persist after we apply our pest control services or you are unhappy with a treatment, we will gladly return to make the job right at no additional cost or hassle to you.


Our thorough yet thoughtful treatment process will address the pest-control issues affecting your commercial residence without damaging vulnerable parts of your property; commercial pest control services we provide include:


  • Inspect all furniture, structures, fences, eaves, overhangs, etc. for cobwebs and wasps nests, and then safely sweep out all of those nests in a way that won’t proliferate the pests or allow them to escape to other areas.

  • Check basement and attic areas for signs of pests like termites and rats, which often escape detection by the untrained eye until it’s too late and damage has already been done.

  • Sweep hard-to-reach areas for nesting areas created by pests and insects who like to hide in elevated locations for breeding purposes.

  • Create a treated perimeter around the entirety of your property to act a barrier between your building and the outside pests, thus allowing the treatment to have more longevity in terms of it’s effectiveness.


You can trust us, Andy and Diana, for all of your commercial pest control needs because your complete satisfaction is our number one concern, and our commitment to providing our community with safe and effective pest control services makes us a company you can count on!

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