Does Soap help Keep Mice Away?

There are various claims that soap can keep little rodents away. It is a debate that experts are still trying to verify at the moment.

Researchers from the University of California ran a controlled test on laboratory mice and results showed that they developed liver tumor during the six months of the experiment. Since it is still in its early stages, the study needs further examination before it is conclusive.

Some households claimed to have tried the trick and failed; while those who succeeded are attributing their success to a specific soap brand, noting that the scent of the soap irritated the mouse and kept it away.

But why are mice attracted to specific soap brands and deter from other brands?

Keep in mind that a mice’s diet includes fat. Many soap brands are using an ingredient known as tallow, a form of animal fat, which can attract mice.

Considering the habits, diet, and nature of mice, using a block of soap to get rid of them may not be the best option for you.

Experts in pest termination argue that a well-kept pantry, maintained sink, and a well-cleaned house is still the best way to deter mice.

Making sure that no areas of your home are untouched is an excellent first step to make sure that rodents will not find a comfortable spot to live in your place.

Another tip is to make sure all your pipes are sealed. Mice like to live in a dark, moist environment, and knowing where our pipelines are, it is easily a favorite hangout spot for the rodents.

If you are regularly cleaning your home and still get frequent visits from mice, then it is time to call the professionals. It may not be about termination, but it can be about prevention.

We, at United Pest Control, have experts who can help you assess the problem and tell you where the root is. What seems like a one or two visitors can actually be an entire infestation hiding behind walls or behind your cupboards.

If you see a mouse, there is never just one mouse in a house. Rodents multiply exponentially once they find a right place to stay; which means, when you see one mouse, its entire family is hiding somewhere in your home.

Mice are carriers or various diseases that can put your family’s health at risk. Their droplets and discharges also carry diseases that can be fatal for humans and other pets.

Do not put your family’s health at the hands of a soap. Seek professional help if a mice problem occurs in your household. Sometimes, a DIY approach to pest control can cause more harm than a solution.

If you have questions about our services and how we can help you keep your home pest free, you can shoot us an email or give us a call. A reliable team of pest control experts would be glad to help you keep your home safe and far away from pests that threaten your house.