How to Termite-Proof Your House

Termites are among the most destructive pests you can find in your backyard. They slowly but surely destroy your homes from the inside out. Scary, right? However, don’t be scared right away as there are solutions out there that can help you shoo away these critters and protect your homes from falling apart. Here is a list we’ve compiled of the most effective termite proofing methods you can utilize to ensure the safety of your house:

  1. Soil treatment
    Experts will dig an equal level of trench, depending on how big your house is. They will surround your home and will treat the area with chemicals. This way, nesting termites will have no chance of burrowing. It is also good for returning termites; when termites land on this soil, their bodies will react to the chemicals in the soil that will kill it instantly. This treatment is best if you are trying to keep subterranean termites from going inside your place. Since this method of pest control uses hazardous chemicals, it might be best to call the experts in. United Pest Control has a team of experts that can help you keep a termite-free home by determining how much trenching should be done and what are the proportions of the chemicals to be used for the treatments.
  2. Bait system
    Since termites often live under the soil, it might be difficult to determine which area is the heart of the colony. This is when this treatment comes in handy. Bait stations will be installed around the area of the home and monitor the stations on a set frequency. This helps in ensuring a home is protected from future and any current infestations. This method is best used to drag the queens out of the nest because termites will reproduce as long as their queens can. The key in this treatment is to pull the queens out and kill them.
  3. Pre-construction treatment
    The first two we mentioned above are for homes that have already been built for some time. Now, if you are planning to put up a new house, a pre-construction treatment might be your best option to perpetually keep termites away. These treatments save people a lot of time, money, and effort. During the construction period, pest control experts come in and treat all possible areas of infestation during every step of construction. This means that they can termite proof even the hollow of your walls and the foundation of your homes. For this job, you need a dedicated team who can police the construction of your house so they can come any time when the need arises. Here at United Pest Control, we have expertise in conducting this kind of proofing with flying colors. A good pest control team consistently coordinates with your construction contractor to track and monitor its progress so the team can do their job and make sure that all floors, rooms, posts, and walls are protected against the vicious termites.
  4. Use pre-treated materials

    There are warehouses that sell pre-treated woods. Using these materials may be more expensive than regular wood but this guarantees a termite proof house. While the proofing on these materials might not last a lifetime, it will keep you from maintaining it from termites by a good 10 to 15 years. This is still cost efficient as compared to the constant replacement and repair of termite-infested wood. This treatment works best for areas where the weather is on the tropical or warm side. Houses in these areas are often made of wood or lighter materials to ensure ventilation. However, homeowners should be very careful when choosing pre-treated woods because there should always be knowledge when it comes to choosing based on their specifications. Some of them are not allowed to be touched by soil, while others are not good with rain water. There are also concrete slabs that claim to be termite proof but most of them also require soil treatment. This means that having a concrete slab does not guarantee you a hundred percent termite free home. For some, they see this as another cost without mush efficiency. However, others view this as a double barrel defense against the destructive termites. Either way, the goal of using pre-treated materials in your homes is to keep these creepy crawlies at bay. If you worry about cost efficiency, it is best to consult with experts as treatment efficiency varies from one area to another. Our guys at United Pest Control can help you decide which path to take in taking care of your future homes.

    Having termites at home is a serious problem because homeowners are clueless until it is too late to get rid of them. By the time they discover the colony, it has already stretched far and wide inside the house with a nest few meters away from the backyard or the garden. At the first sight of possible infestation, it is best to call in the experts. Chances are if you have seen the signs, they might have already been there for some time. Feel free to give us a call as we are more than happy to help you with your termite proofing needs.