What’s That Bug? The Different Pests in Your Home

Pests can be everywhere. It is only a matter of time before you discover one or two of them happily living with you in your precious home. Often times, homeowners do not realize that they have already been infested because they are not aware of the signs and symptoms that these creepy crawlies have already started destroying their beautiful homes. To avoid this in your own house, read on and know what you should be wary of the next time you encounter these:



    These little critters crawl on you while you are sleeping soundly or enjoying a nice movie under your sheets. They usually announce their presence by giving you a tiny bite with a big impact. You would know if your home is infested with bed bugs if you see red bumps on your skin after a slumber that just gives you an annoying itch— too itchy not to scratch but too painful if you scratch.

    These bugs are identified by their small, flat, and oval-shaped bodies. Adults are brown in color, but their bodies change to bright red after feeding. They are small vampires prying on you while you rest at night.

  2. WASPS

    They look a lot like bees but they do not produce the sweet honey that pollen-loving bees yield. There are various kinds of wasps but the more common types are paper wasps, mud daubers, cicada killers, and the more commonly encountered yellow jackets. They often nest underground but if the environment is isolated enough like voids of buildings, then there is no reason why it can’t be home to wasps. You would know that a wasp nest is nearby if you are often visited by one or two flyers during the afternoon; or worse, if you can already hear some sounds in the void of the walls of your rooms or walls. Wasps are predominantly black and yellow. They are aggressive that is why words of caution are often mentioned when speaking about them.

    Have a professional look at your property if you see a single wasp roaming around your home. If there is, then there is a chance it is looking for a new place to nest or there is already an existing one nearby.

    Remember, it may not be safe to approach it alone, so it is best to call the professionals who are trained to handle the insects.


    If you enter a room and it smells something like a centuries old secret has just been revealed, then a cockroach has most likely made it their home. Cockroaches are flat and oval-shaped insects that do not only contaminate your food and spread diseases in your homes, they also reek off bad stench. You would know if a cockroach is living with you if you see small brown pockets or pouches in the corners of your cabinets. These are not ordinary brown dirt pouches; these are cockroach eggs ready to infest your home.

    If you see these pouches, have a pest control contractor look at your home. If pouches have started popping on your cabinets, chances are there are more roaches in your house than you can actually see.

    This is where United Pest Control’s expertise comes in. Our technology and service can eliminate all cockroaches and kill even the eggs. It is important to kill these eggs before they hatch because one pouch contains a hundred cockroaches that can invade your home.

  4. FLIES

    Flies have a huge family tree, but there are seven most common flies found in our environment. These are the Blow Fly, House Fly, Bottle Fly, Drain Fly, Fruit Fly, Gnat, and the Phorid Humpbacked fly. But since we are talking about home pests, let’s talk about the common house fly. This insect is not bigger than one centimeter but it can be as deadly as its bigger counterparts in the family.

    Houseflies contaminate human food by vomiting on it and injecting its bacteria filled saliva on the dishes. It is relatively easy to spot a fly. They are small rounded creatures that have wings and create a weird buzzing sound coming from their wings.

    Be sure to cover food on the table to avoid contamination. House flies can cause stomach problems if humans ingest contaminated food.


    Termites are the scariest of all these insects if your home is made of wood. These critters are notorious for tearing down an entire post that is made of wood in just a few days. Some experts even believe that termites can also break down steel and even concrete; so, practically, nothing is safe from these ant looking pests.

    While termites look a lot like an ant, they are actually far off cousins of another notorious insect, the cockroach. You can tell if your house has been invaded if you see mud lines crawling on your walls, posts, or shelves. If you see this sign, do not hesitate to call your best bet at removing these crawlies.

    Make sure that you call the best, someone who can remove the entire colony out of your home. If you remove the workers but leave the queen, then expect a second round of infestation.


These are only few of the most annoying pests you can find in your homes. If you think that there is an unusual insect giving your home a frequent visit, do not hesitate to call us. Our team of experts can detect pests even before they fully integrate themselves in the voids of your home and destroy it from the inside out.